Final Report & Analysis

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Final Report and Analysis

Case 037

Turner Home

November 16, 2012

Bluefield, West Virginia


Rodney Shortridge, Aaron Shortridge, Mike Brown, Rev. Russ Hatfield, Jerry Conner, Matt O’Quinn,

Dave Horn, Michele Crigger, Robyn Dalton & Jeff Dalton

     On November 16, 2012 the BDPS team investigated the Turner Home located in Bluefield West Virginia. Due to the nature and the emergency of this case the entire BDPS team was called in to investigate this home. I would like to take this moment to thank the Turner’s for giving us permission to investigate their home. We decided because of the size of the home we would do the investigation with four teams. We started our investigation around 7:00 p.m. BDPS was given a walking tour of the home by the clients a few days before the investigation to Dave Horn, Michele Crigger, Robyn Dalton and trainee Jeff Dalton while interviewing for the pre-investigating. The clients gave BDPS a quick walk through of the home to update us on any new claims. We started our set up around 7:30 p.m. We then proceeded to our investigation after dividing up into four teams. Each team consisted of team one was myself and Robyn, team two which consisted of Mike and Russ, team three consisted of Aaron, Matt and Michele, while team four consisted of Dave, Jerry and Jeff. I conducted my usual experimented with taking long exposed time photos throughout the investigation. We worked on a rotation changing our location about every 2 hours. We finished our investigation around 4:00 a.m. the following morning finishing the investigation with the request by the clients for Rev. Hatfield to perform a house blessing to help with the intent of quilling the calms of the clients. This was a great experience and very helpful in our constant training and research.


  • (6) DVR’s (Digital Voice Recorders)

  • (4) Zero Lux low lever IR (infra-red) cameras

  • (1) Sony handheld camcorder

  • (3) Digital cameras

  • (1) Motion diction IR (infra-red)

  • (0) Field video/camera

  • (1) K2 Meters

  • (1) EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) Meter

  • (1) Laser Thermometers

     We placed (1) DVR (Digital Voice Recorder) in each of the areas of the home with reports or claims of paranormal activity; which included the attic, 2nd floor room with fireplace, 2nd floor room near attic entrance, 1st floor master bedroom and the basement. (1) IR camera was placed in the attic, (1) IR camera was placed in the 2nd floor room with fireplace, (1) IR camera was placed in the kids room and (1) IR camera was placed in the 1st floor master bedroom all locations for the IR cameras were placed for maximum view for areas were the paranormal activity claims were the strongest. Also, we carried along with us during the investigation one of the following: K2 Meter, EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) Meter, Laser Thermometer and a Sony handheld camcorder.


Reports & Claims:

Client claims of high amounts of unexplained voices and noises, shadows, their child being physically harmed, physical and emotional changes within the family and their 4 year old child being attacked by an unseen force. In the basement the clients also reported that the large washing machine had jumped off a platform to which it was located.

Personal Experiences:

Michele Crigger Personal Experience:

I had several experiences at the home, upstairs in the attic there was several cold spots my chest got extremely tight and when Robyn and I had walked into the area with 3 doors there was no way for Robyn to get out of the room without me seeing her we was standing there and I was talking to her over my right shoulder I turned back and was snapping photos I had just finished talking to what I thought was her when I seen her coming toward me from the main part of the room. I also kept experiencing headaches in certain parts of the house. Along with the feeling of heavy disoriented in the room where the attic door is located.

Michele Crigger

Virginia Case Manager

Jerry Conner Personal Experience

Arrived at the location about 7:30.

Stayed with Rodney in the living room while he interviewed the family. During that time the daughter (3-4 years old, I didn't catch her name) came up and asked me if we were going to get rid of “The Wookiee”.

Personal comment: Of the characters in Star Wars, Wookiees are among the most favorite among kids. It strikes me odd that a child would describe something that's apparently malevolent as a Wookiee.

During the walkthrough, I found myself drawn to two particular locations: the back left bedroom (as facing the house) and the adjacent walk-in closet. This was, of course, one of the reported “trouble areas.


I was in the house from approximately 1:00-2:00 a.m.

Other team members: Jeff Dalton, Dave Horn

Basement Area

Observed washing machine which had reportedly “jumped off” its platform. Matching damage at touching front corners of washer and dryer indicate washer was likely out of balance. I have seen an out-of-balance washing machine walk several feet during the spin cycle. This one would only have to have walked a few inches to tip off the platform, and Dave reported that the homeowner indicated the wooden stops on the pedestal had been installed after the original incident.

Most of the wiring in this area was new construction, and seemed to be in good shape. I didn't personally check the breaker box, and I'm not even sure this is where it was.

Anomaly: Gauss and K2 behaved oddly in the vicinity of the floor drain with the signals fading as we moved further from the drain inlet.

Theory: The drain may have angled downward to be below the frost line once it was outside the house. This would explain fading signals.

First Floor

K2 and gauss reacted pretty much as expected in relation to light fixtures, switches, outlets, the Wi-Fi hub, etc. with one exception.

Anomaly: The gauss meter was giving a reading while in the center of the front hallway, about four feet in from the front door, and three feet off the ground. There was nothing in the immediate vicinity, though it was almost directly below the chandelier. The signal from the chandelier, however, stopped about three feet above that point.

Note: Reverend Hatfield was in the area when we’re investigating the first floor.

Second Floor

No unusual sensor readings on this floor. Only anomaly was my stupidity (didn't know how to use that gauss meter properly- I do now).

Unusual noises that seemed to be coming from the roof of the back closet. We later discovered these were being caused by a stray dog in the trash and weird acoustics.


Discovered the source of the noises mentioned earlier (could see the dog plundering through the trash from here).

Some weirdness with the motion sensor (from one side, I could walk within two feet of it, but from the other, I set it off from fifteen feet away). Also, it going off seemed to set off the one on the second floor, even though they weren't in line-of-sight, or close vicinity.


Photo evidence: In the attic we got 2 unexplained white light masses, on the 2nd floor room with the fireplace we got an unexplained blue light on the door frame.

Video evidence: In the attic as Rodney was walking down the steps an orb appears behind him and follows him down the stairs.

Note:  BDPS does not support the idea of orbs as evidence of the paranormal because most orbs can be explained away as dust, bugs, rain, mist, fog, etc. There are few cases that the orbs we photograph or video that seem to move with some type of intelligent intent. We post these photos because we feel that there needs to be more investigation into the Orb Phenomenon and we shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss this phenomenon without further investigation and explanation. So we show these photos in an attempt to add another piece to the puzzle and leave this decision up to you to accept or dismiss orbs as evidence. It is also my opinion to show all evidence so we all can learn from what might be an area of the paranormal that may be getting over looked by researchers there needs to be more field testing for these events.

EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)

We heard the following EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) and unexplained noises on our DVR’s (Digital Voice Recorders) & Microcassette Recorder:

1st Floor Master Bedroom:

  • Unexplained Inaudible Whisper

  • Unexplained Sigh

  • Unexplained response to question

  • Unexplained sound or voice

2nd Floor Entrance Room to attic:

  • Unexplained loud noise

  • Unexplained moan or voice

  • Unexplained movements and sounds

  • Unexplained movements and sounds II


2nd Floor Kids Room:

  • Unexplained fast knocks

  • Unexplained inaudible whisper

  • Unexplained noises and loud bang

  • Unexplained whisper (Mary)

  • Unexplained inaudible whisper II

2nd Floor Room with Fireplace:

  • Unexplained breath or whisper

  • Unexplained duck sound after team members question

  • Unexplained groan with whispering

  • Unexplained knocks

  • Unexplained Male Voice (Safe)

  • Unexplained Male Voice whispering (Rodney)

  • Unexplained movement and loud bang

  • Unexplained noise heard by team member

  • Unexplained Older Female Voice Inaudible

  • Unexplained wailing

  • Unexplained whisper (Hey Rodney)


  • Unexplained Female voice after team members question (Get Him)

  • Unexplained Metallic Voice (Hot)


  • Unexplained breath, noise and breathe again

  • Unexplained knocks

  • Unexplained low whisper (There's a man in the well)

  • Unexplained whisper


     We have come to the conclusion that the home has moderate paranormal activity. We were able to capture a few EVP’s, video and photographic evidence which helped us to determine our conclusion. We feel that this maybe moderate intelligent energy. We were able to obtain enough evidence to back most of the claims of the client. We hope that the house blessing that was conducted by Rev Hatfield may give our clients and the presences that we detected peace. 

           I look forward to our next investigation. If anyone would like for us to do a paranormal investigation of their home, business, church, property or a family cemetery please contact us. If you would just like to speak with us about any paranormal activity you may be having we would love to hear from you. No problem is too small. We would be honored to help and we do not charge for our services. Contact BDPS to set up a time and place for us to discuss your paranormal questions and or problems.


     I feel honored to be working with such a great team. Without the team’s hard work and professionalism BDPS would not be what it has become today.

*Check out our Website:

I would like to thank all of the BDPS members for all their hard work. To all of our clients, a special ‘thank you’ for giving us the opportunity to be able to come in and help to the best of our abilities. I know with the team that I have formed we will have exciting investigations in the future. I would like to let everyone know that our members have become more to me than just investigators, they have become my family. Without them BDPS would not be possible. Just like a family we sometimes agree and sometimes we don’t agree but each and every member of BDPS is very special to me. Thanks guys, you all are the best!!!

     I hope everyone enjoys the photos and the analysis sheet along with the new video we are providing. Also we will have our EVP’s, photos and any video evidence on the website for everyone to view and listen to. You can judge for yourself. If anyone has any questions or comments we would love to hear from you. Let us know what you think.

Thank you,

Rodney Shortridge

Founder/Lead Investigator

Black Diamond Paranormal Society



Michele Crigger

Virginia Case Manager



Robyn Dalton

West Virginia Case Manager