Case: 002 Shortridge Cemetery

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Black Diamond Paranormal Society

“We are the light that cuts the darkness. Therefore, when you see… truth must be honored.”

Final Report and Analysis

Case 002

Shortridge Cemetery

August 11, 2008

Rowe Virginia


Rodney Shortridge

Robyn Belcher

Teresa Dillon


     On August 11, 2008 we investigated the Shortridge Cemetery located at Rowe Virginia. This was Teresa Dillon’s first investigation as our newest member with BDPS and she did an outstanding job. We started around 5:30 p.m. and did our investigation until midnight. We had (3) DVR’s, (2) Microcassette Recorders, (1) camcorder, and (3) digital cameras that night.

     As we did in our last investigation we placed the DVR’s so they would cover the entire cemetery. The camcorder was placed to get the best view of the cemetery and the microcassette recorders where held by myself and Robin while we were doing our EVP’s.

     While conducting our investigations I have noticed that Robyn is showing signs of being highly sensitive to the paranormal. At each cemetery so far Robyn has been drawn to certain graves. With this investigation Robyn was drawn to my cousin Danny Shortridge that had passed away in 2006. She is showing signs and expressing feelings of other presences. Such as coldness, cold touches, sorrow and even happiness. On one occasion she felt sick to the point she had to walk away from the area where she was taking photos and also doing EVP’s. Though I cannot prove or disprove what she is feeling I feel that she is an honest and trust worthy person with nothing to gain by fabricating these paranormal experiences.

     With the camcorder evidence we saw a tree limb in the graveyard move for no reason. There was no wind or animals that would have caused the tree limb to move. Also the camcorder picked up one EVP that said “Hey Zach”. We have been puzzled by this EVP due to the fact no one in the cemetery had the name Zach.  I do have a son named Zach. Maybe this EVP was trying to communicate with me by using my sons’ name.

     We also got a lot of different types of orbs and a couple of unexplained mists during our investigation. I have posted these photos for everyone to look over.  I am a huge skeptic when it comes to the orb phenomenon. I do feel like these orbs are somehow tied into the paranormal, I just don’t know how or why. There has been quite a bite of evidence that shows that the mist phenomenon is an entity that has formed or that is trying to form. This may explain the reason on this night we had a few equipment failures. The batteries failed in a short period of time right after we put new batteries in our equipment. This happened for about an hour and that’s when I took the pictures that show the mists. What I understand about this phenomenon is the entity uses the batteries energy in its attempt to form or communicate with us.

     This cemetery was also a great success due to the fact that we got 22 EVP’s (electronic voice phenomenon). We heard the following

1. (Male voice) “Just Jeff”

2. (Child’s voice) “Come here”

3. (Unknown gender) whisper “Do it”

4. (Male voice) “Rod”

5. (Child’s voice) “Over here”

6. (Unknown gender) “No”

7. (An older gentleman voice) “Rodney” I feel like this EVP may have been my grandfather that passed away in 1976

8. (Unknown gender) “Oh Christ”

9. (Female voice) whisper “Eddie”

10. (Female voice) “Oh God”

11. (Male voice) “Help”

12. (Unknown gender) “Kill”

13. (Child’s voice) “What? What about me?”

14. (Female voice) “I love you, don’t leave me” This EVP touched me the most because just seconds before I turned off the DVR this EVP came across. I personally believe this was my grandmother that had just passed away last November.

     I have come to the conclusion that this cemetery has a high rate of paranormal activity in the form of EVP’s and also high orb phenomenon activity.

     This was our second investigation and it was a huge success. We have been very fortunate to have captured such great evidence so far. Most paranormal groups go months and even years without even an EVP. I feel very honored to have had the success we have had.

     I look forward to our next investigation. I know we may not have this type of success often but I feel lucky to be working with such a great team.


Rodney Shortridge, Founder