Case: 012 Pocahontas Fuel Building

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Final Report and Analysis

Case 012

Pocahontas Fuel Building

June 27, 2009

Pocahontas Virginia


Rodney Shortridge, Aaron Shortridge, Mike Brown

& Special Guest Amy Flick


     On June 27, 2009 the BDPS team investigated the Pocahontas Fuel Building located in Tazewell County in the town of Pocahontas, Virginia. I would like to take this moment to thank Amy Flick and Mayor Adam Cannoy for contacting BDPS and giving us permission to investigate such a historical site. I decided to use two teams to investigate this site. The first team included Mike Brown and Aaron Shortridge; the second team consisted of Amy Flick and me. We started our investigation around 9:00 p.m. and finished around 1:30 a.m.

     Equipment used at this site included: (4) DVR's, (1) Microcassette Recorder, (1) Daylight Camcorder, (2) Camcorders with night vision, (2) digital cameras, (1) K2 Meter, (1) EMF Meter and (1) Laser Thermometer. As we try to do in all of our investigations, we placed the DVR's in areas that have reports of paranormal activity or areas of interest. One was placed on the 1st floor lobby, one was placed on the 2nd floor art room, and one was placed on the 3rd floor computer room.  Also, one was placed on the 3rd floor in the hallway. The daylight camcorder was placed on the 3rd floor office to get the best view of the hallway. One night vision camcorder was placed near the water fountain were Mr. Harmon was reported to have been killed, and the last night vision camcorder was carried around. The microcassette recorder was held by each team as they went into the Fuel Building.

     The Pocahontas Fuel Building was built in the early 1970's and in the late 1970's a man named James Floyd Harmon was shot to death by a town officer, Ben Wright, for reasons still unknown today.

     There have been many reports of shadows roaming the hallways at night, doors opening and closing on their own, sounds of footsteps when no one else was in the building, unexplained voices when no one else is in the building and lights turning themselves on and off  with no explanation as to how.

     This was a great experience for the entire team to be investigating such a large area. Each one of us had some personal paranormal experiences during this investigation such as hearing knocking on the walls, scratching and tapping sounds.  In the area where Mr. Harmon had been killed, the K-2 meter along with the EMF (electro magnetic field) detector, kept giving us high EMF readings in an area about 4' wide x 15' long and about 3' off the floor. We checked all electrical outlets, the water color, and all power sources to see if this disturbance may have been caused by any other power source. We were unable to find any type of power source that would have caused such high readings. We could not explain this experience or find any explanation. This event is still a mystery. We also caught a shadow on video by one of our static cameras that was placed to record in the area were Mr. Harmon was killed. Mike Brown took this evidence to Jerry Conner (Media Services Technician) at Bluefield State College to analyze this footage. Mr. Conner could not explain this event with all of his experience and technical skills and equipment.  This shadow we caught was unexplainable.

We heard the following EVP's (electronic voice phenomenon) and unexplained noises:

A popping sound

Male voice - unknown

A breath


Unexplained footsteps

Unexplained noise

Male voice - unknown

Male voice -"That's not welcomed"

Unknown noise

Male voice - whisper unknown

Male voice -"Hey"

Male voice -"Rod"

     We have come to the conclusion that this property has moderate paranormal activity in the form of EVP's disembodied voices, unexplained shadows, unexplained noises and orb activity. Our hope is to one day come back to investigate this historical site with more advanced equipment. This was our twelfth investigation and it was a great success. We have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be working with such a historical town as Pocahontas, Virginia and with Amy Flick, Tom Childress and Mayor Adam Cannoy. I feel honored to have had the success we've had and to be working alongside such a professional team.

     I look forward to our next investigation. If anyone would like for us to do a paranormal investigation of their home, business, church, property or a family cemetery please contact us. If you would just like to speak with us about any paranormal activity you may be having we would love to hear from you. No problem is too small. We would be honored to help and we do not charge for our services. Contact BDPS to set up a time and place for us to discuss your paranormal questions and or problems.

All of us at BDPS would like to say Happy Birthday to Shawn Hamlin, one of our newest members!

August 4th was BDPS 1 Year Anniversary

I would also like to thank William Paine and all the great folks at Adventure Radio for their support.

Special Thank You to Jerry Conner (Media Services Technician) of Bluefield State College


 Bluefield State College for their help with our video footage

I would also like to welcome our newest member Samantha Hull.          

I feel honored to be working with such a great team. Without the team's hard work and professionalism BDPS would not be what it has become today.  

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     I hope everyone enjoys the photos and the analysis sheet along with the new video we are providing. Also we will have our EVP's and any video evidence on the site for everyone to view and listen to. You can judge it for yourself. If anyone has any questions or comments we would love to hear from you. Let us know what you think.

Rodney Shortridge

Founder/Lead Investigator

Robyn Belcher

Case Manager/Lead Investigator

Black Diamond Paranormal Society