Case: 003 Johnson Cemetery

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Black Diamond Paranormal Society

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Final Report and Analysis

Case 003

Johnson Cemetery

August 23, 2008

Council Virginia


Rodney Shortridge, Robyn Belcher, Teresa Dillon, John Belcher, Justin Belcher and Aaron Shortridge


     On August 23, 2008 we investigated the Johnson Cemetery located at Council Virginia. This was John Belcher (Robyn’s husband) and Justin Belcher (Teresa’s boyfriend) and my son Aaron Shortridge’s first investigation with us and they did an outstanding job. We started around 7:00 p.m. and did our investigation until 10:30 p.m. due to the fact we were asked to leave by one of my family members that did not approve of the investigation because of his religious beliefs. We respected his wishes and stopped our investigation as requested and apologized for any misunderstanding. We had (3) DVR’s, (2) Microcassette Recorders, (1) camcorder, and (3) digital cameras that night.

     As we did in our last investigation we placed the DVR’s so they would cover the entire cemetery. The camcorder was placed to get the best view of the cemetery and the microcassette recorders where held by myself and Robin while we were doing our EVP’s. While conducting our investigations I had the feeling of dread the entire time. Robyn explained to me that she wasn’t having any feelings of being drawn to any particular grave.

     There is a very old barn next to the cemetery that we explored while we were getting ready to do our investigation. I took some photos inside of the barn and noticed one of the photos had and orb that was very bright and covered much of the photo. I took a few more photos of the same area and the orb was gone. I had showed the photo to Teresa’s boyfriend Justin Belcher and my son Aaron. We all took more photos inside and outside of the barn. While everyone was investigating the barn I began to take photos inside the cemetery at some of the very old head stones. When I got to a head stone that had broken off its base and had fell over, my camera gave me an error message on the screen. I took the camera back to the van and examined it and could not find anything that would cause the error. I put in the old memory card that only holds about 24 photos and the camera started to work again. Robyn came up with the idea to reload the memory card that I had taken out to see if it would work. I did and again I got the error message. We replaced the memory cards again and the camera started to work again so all the photos I had taken earlier were lost. I have read and also heard stories of other investigating teams having the same problems as we had that night. From what I understand the reason this happens is an entity in the area is so powerful it fries the memory cards. An entity is drawing so much energy from the camera that it fries the memory cards. I don’t know if this is the reason for the memory card to have been destroyed but until that point I have never had any trouble with my camera or with any memory cards.  I feel like this is incident is inconclusive of paranormal activity due to the fact we did not get any evidence within the photos because the memory card was destroyed.  

     We were able to obtain some evidence of paranormal activity in the form of EVP’s (electronic voice phenomenon) with one of the DVR’s (digital voice recorder) and a few photos containing orbs. I will be posting the photos for everyone to look over.

     This cemetery was also a success due to the fact that we got 13 EVP’s (electronic voice phenomenon). What is very interesting about the last 7 EVP’s we received is these were being said one right after another with different types of voices, male and female, and they sound like they were speaking somewhat to each other. This went on for about 30 seconds.

We heard the following:

1. (Male voice) “Hello”, (Male voice) “Come down here”, (Female voice) “Oh my God”, (Male voice) “Opal Johnson”, (Male voice) “Robyn”, (Male voice) “Help”, (Male voice) “Did I hitcha?”

2. (Child’s voice) “Mommy”

3. (Male voice) “Danny”

4. (Female voice) “I got a secret Jerry”

5. (Male voice) “Rodney come on”

6. (Male voice) “That is the highest”

7. (Male voice) “Ghost country”  

     I have come to the conclusion that this cemetery may have a mild rate of paranormal activity in the form of EVP’s but we need more evidence. I hope one day that my family member that is the caretaker of this cemetery will let us do more investigating at the Johnson Cemetery.

     This was our third investigation and it was a success. I feel very strongly that the Johnson Cemetery warrants further investigation to determine whether there is or isn’t any paranormal activity. We have been very fortunate to have captured such great evidence so far. I feel very honored to have had the success we have had.

     I look forward to our next investigation. If anyone would like for us to do a paranormal investigation of their home or a family cemetery or if you would just like to speak with us about any paranormal activity you may be having we would love to hear from you. No problem is to small. We would be honored to help and we do not charge for our services. Just contact BDPS to set up a time and place for us to discuss your paranormal questions and or problems.

     I feel honored to be working with such a great team. Without Robyn and Teresa’s hard work BDPS would not be what it has become so far. BDPS will be introducing 3 new members in the future. One has experience in the technical fields and is also clairvoyant and the other will be operating and maintaining our web-site. We look forward to working with these individuals and the experiences they have will be an asset. Their commitment to helping BDPS in finding evidence to support the existence of the paranormal may allow us to find even more evidence than we have previously discovered.

     I hope everyone is enjoying the photos and the analysis sheet we are providing. In the future we will have a web-site that will be listing all the information that I have been providing. Also we will have our EVP’s and any video evidence on the site for everyone to view and listen to, you can judge it for yourself. If anyone has any questions or comments we would love to hear from you. Let us know what you think.


Rodney Shortridge, Founder