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Becky Fortner-Price posted on your Wall.
"It was great to see you again- thanks for the footage- again, we appreciate all you and your team did for Some Say This Place is Haunted-"


Thank you for taking time to talk to me last Tuesday after class and for listening to my ramblings. You are a very interesting person. Your pride in your team was clearly discernible and well deserved, I'm sure.

As I told you Tuesday, I will be alert for activities I think would interest you. And, I'll certainly pass the information to you. I'm a retired teacher of 38 years. One gets to know a lot of people and a lot of ghost happenings in that length of time.

I wish you the very best in your endeavors. Again, thanks.

Take care,


Wiley Daugherty - June 26, 2011

I figured you’re probably the only one I could talk to about this....

     I was in Union WV this past week and some strange stuff was going on... I’ve talked to my wife and family about it, but I think they believe I was just working myself up.

     I left last Sunday to go there. It was for a business trip. My company has a facility there in Union. I checked in Sunday and everything was ok. By, Tuesday though I noticed that no one was really there. It was vacant like. I spent Wed, Thurs, and Friday eating breakfast by myself with no one there. Wed, and Thurs night I spent time roaming the hotel looking for anyone that would be there. (Swimming pool, laundry area, and outside the hotel) There were 14 cars in the parking lot, and I did not see anyone past Tuesday.

     I checked out of the hotel on Friday. On Thursday night the night before I left; power went out in the whole place. I went out to the lobby and only the emergency lights were on. I spent most of Thursday night before I left hearing like clashes against the wall. My family thinks I was just working myself up, but I know I didn't see anyone past Tues. On Friday morn I had a quick check out form slid under my door. I did not see anyone on check out. Thursday night the power went off at 12:30 and did not come back at all. When I left Friday morn, the power was still out.

     I haven’t had anything like this happen to me, and I don’t get worked up about this kind of stuff, but I am back home in NC now, and I still think about it. Thurs night was bad with the power off, and all I could hear was like slams and clashes against the walls. I don’t know if you have heard of anything like this before, but I thought about you last night, and thought I could talk to you about it. Thanks Rodney for listening.

Judy Seiler ZeppDecember 26, 2010 at 3:16pm
hello, its been over a month and we have not heared a thing... Not a single noise anywhere, its been very quiet and maybe it will stay that way. My 9 yr old daugher is not as scared as she was before. Thank you for ll that you have done for us.
I'm really interested the the work you are doing. Just between us both, I am an Empath and have had several experiences with the paranormal growing up and beyond. In 2001, I had a near death experience, and the gift has just expanded since that time. It has been hard to wrap my mind around the fact that I have this gift and also square it with my rigid baptist upbringing, but I've made quite a bit of progress!
I just ask that you keep doing what you are doing. I know that you face so much skepticism and denial. I'm sure you have had your share of negative comments directed your way!
Southwest Virginia is rich in paranormal activity. I am proud of you for establishing this organization and actively pursuing research related to this area. We have so much to learn, and I truly believe that in some instances, those beyond have something to share with us , also. Then there are those poor souls, for whatever reason unknown to us (except in theory)have not been able to cross to the "other side" and are trapped here.
Rodney, keep up the good work. Please know that you have someone here who understands what you are doing and appreciates your efforts.
Tammy Stanford Moise

I have always been blessed with the gift of communicating with those that have passed on to the life beyond this one we are living. I can't choose the people I get the honor of communicating with. They come to me ... I would be lying if I said it's not scary sometimes .. But with that fact noted. I am Honored to have this gift and opportunity to help those that have moved on ... Most of man kind are fearful of things they can't explain. ~The after life~ I love it when I see people that are curious & welcoming like You & The Black Diamond Paranormal Society crew ... Keep up your work ... I hope it expands for you and you'll be able to not only identify but also communicate with those that need to be heard ... So that they can finally go forth in peace - or - for them to be able to help a loved to understand that just because they can not be seen it does not mean they are not here - or - for them to apologize or show forgivess. So that everyone involved can have peace! Blessings to you, your crew and all that you will encounter during your journey!

Cindy Marie Rasnake


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  • Courtney Parson (Tuesday, May 01 12 06:33 pm EDT)

    I got to meet Michelle and Dave today, I'm so happy to have someone listen to me and take me and my family serious. I just want to thank everyone in the BDPS for helping us!