Matt O'Quin

Born: June 6th, 1982
Hometown: Vansant, Virginia
Resides: Vansant, Virginia 

Historian / Tech Assistant / Web Assistant / Investigator

     I grew up in Vansant/Grundy, Virginia and graduated high school in 2000. I then graduated from Southwest Virginia Community College in 2002 with an Associate's degree in General Studies. I am currently working on finishing my B.A. in History.


     My family is very important to me. Some of my hobbies include playing online games, reading fantasy and biography books, Geo-caching, fishing, camping, and writing. I am a huge history lover and love to know anything I can about the past. I love animals especially my Boston Terrier, Murdock.


     My feelings on the paranormal are subjective. What I see is what I believe. Someday I hope to have a very personal experience to solidify an acceptance of the unknown. Life is a mystery and I want to discover the afterlife possibility. I joined BDPS in November of 2009 and hopefully I can help to uncover the past events with the places we investigate.


  • Audio / Video Department
  • Historian
  • Tech Assistant
  • Web Assistant
  • Investigator

Matt O’Quin was voted as BDPS Investigator of the Year 2010-2011 by BDPS Team Members and Honorary Members. Matt has gone above
and beyond the call; he has worked endlessly to make BDPS one of the best
paranormal groups in Southwest Virginia. His dedication and hard work searching
for the unexplained has earned Matt Investigator of the Year. Thanks Matt for everything you have done for BDPS and the team. 

Contact Info:


Phone: 276-202-7213

Letter of apology Matt O'Quin

The following is the public letter I wish to be submitted onto the BDPS website

To whom it may concern:
Sometime in August of 2011 I visited an online chat room on the subjects of paranormal investigating and paranormal sciences. I logged onto the chat room with the username blackdiamonps and engaged in discussion with those present. I was logged into the particular chat room for an estimated time of about 10-15 minutes. During that chat room discussion I expressed my own personal opinions about the way certain famous paranormal investigators conduct their business and paranormal investigations. I was adamant in my opinions and dialogue about certain ways they conduct themselves and ways in which they operate. I in no way meant to misrepresent the Black Diamond Paranormal Society as a whole; I was merely stating my own personal opinions on matters that I think needs to be addressed in the paranormal world.  I made the mistake of logging into the chat room under said pseudonym (blackdiamonps) and should have logged into the chat room with a generic moniker. Unto the group I was expressing my opinions unto I apologize for engaging the debate in an unprofessional manner and apologize for using coarse language that some may take offense to.

Thus again I do apologize for misrepresenting the Black Diamond Paranormal Society and any affiliates they have.  I in no way intended to cause harm or disrespect to BDPS in which I myself am a member. My opinions should not have been expressed under the banner of the Black Diamond Paranormal Society.

In conclusion I reiterate that I am sorry for my actions and conduct. I will from this moment on disengage my opinionated nature to a level that is sufficient with BDPS, and only engage into debate in which I present myself in a professional and courteous manner under either my own name or a pseudonym.

Sincerely, Matthew O’Quin


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