Jeff Dalton

Born: April 2, 1968

Hometown:Barren Springs


Trainee / Equipment Manager / Investigator


I was born and raised in a small community called Barren Springs which is located in Wythe County Virginia. I was one of four children being born third in line. With an older brother and sister and a younger sister also.  I went to Fort Chiswell High School and even though I didn't graduate, I did get my GED about the time I should have graduated. I have always tried to keep an open mind about the afterlife. There were always ghost stories growing up about a haunted church in Austinville Virginia. Or about an orphanage in Foster Falls Virginia that too was supposedly haunted. There is also the Grahms Forge Mansion. Even though the stories floated around all the different small communities and everyone was warned to stay away because you might be the next one on the list to be a ghost. My friends and I seemed to at least have to check them out. I myself didn't have any experiences to go home bragging about other than the pranks we pulled on each other, I found myself always wondering about whether or not there is spirits lingering around us. Then one day, I made it, I moved into my own haunted house. Strange occurences happening every day and night. Doors slamming shut, radio stations changing on their own, volume on TV's and radios constantly changing, footsteps throughout the house in the middle of the night.These occurences happening along with the unexplainable orbes in different colors showing up in pictures we were taking. All of these happenings have given me the incintive to go further into trying to find out more answeres. This is where Black Diamond Paranormal Society comes into play. 


  • Equipment Manager
  • Investigator

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