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BDPS at the Pocahontas Candle Lighting Ceremoney 4-27-13

Historical Pocahontas Haunted Walking Tour Saturday June 6, 2013

Historical Pocahontas Haunted Walking Tour Saturday June 6, 2013


Black Diamond Paranormal Society in cooperation with Historical Pocahontas Inc. will be hosting a Historical Haunted Walking Tour located at Pocahontas, VA on Saturday June 15, 2013 starting at 10:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. each tour will begin at the top of each hour tickets are $10.00 per person $5.00 for 12 and under.

Join us for a historical haunted walking tour of the past as we guide you through the Historical Pocahontas Cemetery that was created due to the March 13, 1884 Pocahontas Mine explosion that claimed the lives of over 114 miners and children known as “door tenders, mule drivers”. The Pocahontas Presbyterian Church had reports of shadows being seen, the Pocahontas Fuel Building were a man was shot and killed for reasons unknown today, Dr. Ballard's Building where he treated many of the townspeople, and reports of unspeakable acts have been reported, but never confirmed in the upstairs apartment above Dr. Ballard's office. As we walk you through the
history of this once bustling coal town of over 12,000 in its heyday, we will
also share BDPS’s previous experiences from investigations of each location
from a time long forgotten.


Bring your cameras, video recorders and audio recorders and don't forget your flash lights!


Weather appropriate dress.




Disclaimer: Black Diamond Paranormal Society & The


Contact BDPS at: or email
or twitter at @blackdiamondps


Black Diamond Paranormal Society will be offering private
Pocahontas Historical Walking Tours beginning June 17th 2013 please contact
BDPS Founder Rodney Shortridge at 276-988-6690 to schedule your private tour

It has been confirmed today that myself and Jason Kwun BDPS Event Coordinator will be interviewed Friday morning October 11, 2013 at 6:00 a.m. on WVVA Channel 6

I hope everyone can tune in and watch us discuss BDPS and the Public Investigation that we will be having on October 19, 2013 located at the Pocahontas Fuel Building in Pocahontas VA.

I would like to thank all that came out to Pocahontas VA today and help make the Historical Hunted Walking Tour a success. It was an amazing day for the walking tour, and an honor to meet all that participated. Thank you all for sharing your photos and your personal experience on the tour like I’ve said many times to many people that have asked the question can you have any paranormal experiences during the day and my answer has always be “yes” and today everyone that walked the tour had some type of experience whether it be in your photos that your captured something that we was unable to explain or your personal experiences of being touched everyone experienced something special today and it is always a great feeling when we are able to share these experiences alongside all of our new friends.

I also would like to thank the Historical Pocahontas Inc. board members and members that agreed to Black Diamond Paranormal Society (BDPS) to represent the towns amazing historical sites for giving us the opportunity to show case such fantastic historical sites during the tour. This event could not have been possible without one man’s belief in BDPS and that man has always had the best interest of the Town of Pocahontas and without his hard work and dedication this tour would not have been possible. Thank you Tom Childress from all of us at BDPS for trusting in our organization, being our historical guide and friend of Pocahontas VA.

Special thanks go out to the Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office for their ongoing work with the Labor of Love.

Saying thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough for the BDPS Members their hard work and dedication to BDPS and our local communities surpasses all expectations of any group. Time and time again these people never let me down they are more than members of a local organization these people are my family and without them there would be no Black Diamond Paranormal Society. I would like to thank each one for your sacrifices to making BDPS what it is today and doing an amazing job with today’s Historical Haunted Walking Tour: Mike Brown, Jason Kwun, Michele Crigger, Robyn Dalton, Jeff Dalton & Scott Osmundson along with the BDPS Family Amy Shortridge, Dakota Shortridge & Dallas Shortridge.

We look forward to next year to give you the opportunity to experience the Historical Haunted Walking Tour.

Thank you,

Rodney Shortridge


BDPS at the WyvaCon 7-27-13

BDPS 5 Year Anniversary Party 8-3-13

Black Diamond Paranormal Society Celebrating 5 Year Anniversary

BDPS is celebrating our 5 Year Anniversary today and I want
to take a moment to thank everyone that has stood by us and believed in us….and
a huge thank you to all the BDPS Members, Advisors etc. and to all the past BDPS
Members without everyone’s commitment BDPS could not be celebrating being one
of the most successful paranormal groups in the Appalachian Mountains of
Southwest Virginia and Southern West Virginia…also I would like to thank all of
our clients that trusted us to come into their lives and giving us the opportunity
to try and make a difference with each ones troubles it has been and honor and privilege
to serve everyone to the best of my abilities and the abilities of my team. We all at BDPS look forward to the next 5
years as we continue our search for the unknown as we look behind the veil of
darkness to reach for the answers within the empty void of night.


Thank you all,

Rodney Shortridge

Founder/Lead Investigator

Black Diamond Paranormals Society (BDPS)

BDPS Public Investigation 3 Levels of Darkness 10-19-13

Historical Pocahontas Inc. in cooperation with Black Diamond Paranormal Society will be hosting 3 Levels of Darkness a Public Investigation of the Pocahontas Fuel Building located at Pocahontas, VA on Saturday October 19, 2012 starting at 7...:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. tickets are $10.00 per person $5.00 for 12 and under. Would you like to be a paranormal investigator for a night? Join us for a paranormal investigation to search beyond the veil of the notorious Pocahontas Fuel Building where a local man met his untimely demise and claims of unexplained shadows roam the halls echoes of disembodied voices and whispers of a time long forgotten still linger. Bring your cameras, video recorders and audio recorders and don’t forget your flash lights! Black Diamond Paranormal Society as seen on A&E’s Bio Channel “My Ghost Story”
Everyone is Welcome
Disclaimer: Historical Pocahontas Inc. Black Diamond Paranormal Society: WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LOSS OF PROPERTY, INJURY, SICKNESS, MENTAL CAPABILITIES AND/OR DEATH. Contact for more information: Historical Pocahontas Inc. at 276-945-2101 or Black Diamond Paranormal Society (BDPS) at or email  or twitter at @blackdiamondps, phone: 276-970-1456.
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BDPS at the Rising Star SyFy Convention 10-26-13

BDPS speaking at Twin Valley High School 10-29-13