Founder of Black Diamond Paranormal Society

Rodney Shortridge

Address: 149 Beaumont Drive

North Tazewell, Va 24630

Cell# 276-970-1456


My name is Rodney Shortidge and I am the founder of Black Diamond Paranormal Society or BDPS.  I started this organization to search and find evidence of the paranormal.   Through the years I have experienced and witnessed many unexplained phenomena.  I have heard footsteps and whistling when no one is there.  I have been followed by apparitions and had been awakened by the deceased.

     My Uncle shared with me evidence of EVP's (electronic voice phenomena) and ghostly photos that he has collected through the years of investigation the paranormal.  We sat down and discussed creating a paranormal group for this area.  Within weeks I came up with BDPS. I have put together a team of paranormal investigators and started in August 2008 investigating the Southwestern Virginia & Southern West Virginia area.


Our Mission Statement:

We prove professional assistance regarding paranormal investigating.  Each case will be confidential and held with the utmost respect and trust for our client's individual needs.